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STEM learning environments

Building blocks to STEM learning environments

EverBlock helps organizations worldwide design, build and program STEM/STEAM learning environments. EverBlock is a modular building system that allows organizations to quickly create any size workspaces, and easily reconfigure spaces as needed.


Our love for building and creating things has given life to the world's most innovative, modular building block system. It's simple, fun and great for all ages young and old alike! From children to adults, to the professional architect or creator, EverBlock is a perfect addition to any creative space.

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Design Blocks for Learning, Creativity, Decorate Your Classroom and Walls

One of the best ways to keep your students engaged and motivated is to appeal to their learning environment visually. You can do this by using design blocks in various colors, shapes, and sizes to create a fun and stimulating atmosphere.

Design blocks can also be used as part of classroom decoration. For example, you can use them to create a colorful and creative bulletin board. You can also use them to decorate your classroom walls.

There are many different ways to use design blocks in the classroom. Here are a few ideas:

1. Create a learning center with design blocks.

2. Use design blocks as part of problem-solving activity.

3. Use design blocks to practice math skills.

4. Use design blocks to create a storyboard.

5. Use design blocks to create a model.

6. Use design blocks to decorate the classroom.

7. Use design blocks to create a bulletin board.

8. Use design blocks to make a quiz.

9. Use design blocks to improve creativity.

Design blocks are a versatile teaching tool that can be used in various ways to help students learn and be creative. Try using them in your classroom today and see how engaged and motivated your students become.

What is STEM?

STEM is short for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM careers are often thought to be the best jobs for the future. They are jobs that involve problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, and communication.*

So what is STEM exactly? According to the National Science Foundation, STEM includes:

Science — all fields of study that use scientific inquiry and evidence to explore phenomena and explain how things work. This includes biological sciences (such as biology, ecology and evolution), physical sciences (such as chemistry, geology and physics), space science (such as astronomy) and earth science (such as environmental science).

STEM also includes life or behavioral sciences (such as psychology, anthropology or political science), social sciences (such as economics or sociology) and mathematics.

STEM careers often require higher education degrees in areas such as engineering or computer science. Some of the most popular STEM careers today include:

scientists — those who conduct research to learn more about our world or create new products or medical treatments

computer scientists — those who solve problems and develop solutions using computers

engineers — those who develop a concept into a real-world product

mathematicians — those who study numbers and ideas that describe the world around us

health professionals — those who diagnose diseases in people

EverBlock is a modular building suitable for children of ages three and up. It's cubes come in different sizes and shapes, enabling an endless amount of possibilities when building. The blocks do not contain any glue nor do they have any lead or harmful chemicals, making it a perfect toy safe to play with indoors and outdoors. With EverBlock, children are able to learn how to build while being exposed to math and engineering principles. There's no limit as to what your child can create!

Build your way to new possibilities and open the door to a world of creativity and imagination. The possibilities with EverBlock are limitless. Each set comes with a variety of shapes, so our app has determined that you will be able to create over 1 million different buildings! EverBlock is a portable construction toy designed to inspire kids through play while they learn engineering, physics and architecture principles. 

EverBlock can be used in schools, classrooms and colleges across the world because it allows children to explore principles of design, engineering and mathematics in a fun and exciting way. The unique design of the blocks means that they are light enough for elementary students to work with, while the building possibilities are unlimited. Teachers are in control of the experience as they can customize what additional materials they want to use while using EverBlock.