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Modular, customizable, and easy to assemble.

EverBlock is a lightweight building system for fast, simple, and affordable construction. EverBlock can be used to create partitions, walls, and dividers that are perfect for offices, warehouses, gyms, kitchens, playrooms, living rooms, kids' rooms - any space that needs to be divided! It's easy to install and reconfigurable. When you are ready for a change in your space EverBlock is the smart solution!


It is a new way to divide up spaces. It combines safety, functionality, and style. Use it in your home to replace traditional walls, streamline your office layout, separate work space from play space, and so much more.

Walls With Doors
Staggered Walls
Cubicle Walls

Reconfigure spaces with EverBlock, the smart room divider.

EverBlock is a smart room divider that lets you configure your space without the need for any expertise or tools. Simply stack the blocks and shuffle them into a functional living space.

Room Dividers
Room Dividers (4)
Room Dividers (9)
Room Dividers (5)
Room Dividers (8)
Room Dividers (2)

Modular Walls and Rooms Dividers

EverBlock create partitions, modular divider walls, accent walls and stylish space dividers for your home. These panels give you a perfect seamless finish with clean lines that do not intrude on your space but provide practical function that can be easily accommodated by your lifestyle; either as a stand alone feature or in conjunction with other furniture and accessories.

EverBlock is the classiest line of decorative and functional walls that have been featured in the top home design magazines. With sleek, modern designs and a range of configurations, EverBlock offers wall items you'll love, day in and day out. Get all the reasons to admire your living space with useful storage solutions, a beautifully designed office, and a fantastic place to entertain friends

EverBlock is a universal, modular free-floating divider that can be applied to any size of space, transforming it into a cleverly designed office. This modular furniture can be reconfigured and rearranged to meet your most creative ideas, allowing you to create your ideal work environment.


We provide you with a modern way to organize your space, as well as store and manage others. With our proprietary algorithms, in just a few steps you can visualize your space and plan the best system for you! Our user experience is designed to make it easier for everyone to build their perfect living environment, whether they are moving in or taking over an existing space.


EverBlock is a smart system that helps you organize your space. EverBlock is the missing link between physical and virtual objects, bringing together users with their loved ones. It brings people together, making it easy for them to communicate and stay connected even when they are apart. It tracks the location of all family members in a 360-degree environment and keeps track of their movement - all in real time. No more hassles with missed information or tense moments!