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Everpanel Partition Room Divider - Easy Way to Create Walls!

EverBlock is the modular system of partition walls that you can set up in an instant and move or reconfigure whenever you want. With our custom-built, factory-direct wall panels, we’ve built the perfect solution for all your space division needs. Whether you fill a blank wall with a TV and two bookshelves or create an entire living room out of 4-6 panels of various heights, EvoBlock’s simple design can help you get things done quickly, easily and efficiently.

EverBlock is the easiest way to transform any space into a creative space. Just drop in a panel, and BAM! -If you want to create a room within a room, or divide an open floor plan into separate spaces – EverBlocks are your solution. Great for home, work or play!

Great for dividing rooms and creating walls that can be easily configurable

Create A Beautiful, Flexible Room Divider In Seconds: Never struggle with complex furniture or expensive custom wall solutions. Everblock wall is quick, easy and affordable to solve any space challenge!

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Build a wall, create privacy, better thermal insulation. Easy to transport and mount. No tools needed.

EverPanel consists of pre-cut double-sided panels that are attached to the wall using steel hinges and hooks. The panels are attached by sliding them into the grooves between two metal plates. The plates are concealed behind the panels leaving no visible fastening hardware. The metal hinges allow for easy adjustment and movement of the panels to create pockets of air for improved thermal insulation, or to adjust the size of a doorway or window opening.

EverPanel is made with unique soundproofing material that has excellent sound absorption properties. The panels also have a special texture that diffuses light and helps minimize glare from lights behind the wall.

Add both form and function to your walls! With EverPanel you can create any look you want – from simple to sophisticated, from modern to vintage.

Wall panels can act as an extension to EverBlock walls

EverPanel and EverBlock Walls can be used together to create a complete wall system. EverPanels are easy to install and can be used on their own or in combination with EverBlock Walls. You may choose to install all EverPanels or use them as an extension to your existing wall system.

When combining both EverBlock Wall panels and EverPanel Panels, we recommend staggering the joints of adjacent panels. This will prevent gaps between panels which may occur if they are installed side-by-side and not staggered. We also recommend using the EverBlock Panel Spacers in combination with the EverPanel Panels when installing with an EverBlock Wall panel. The spacers will eliminate any minor gaps between the wall panels and ensure that the joint is flush with the wall surface.