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Ever Flooring - Interlocking Blocks For Floors And Ground Protection

Ever Flooring is an interlocking block system that enables you to easily install beautiful, safe, and long-lasting flooring! Its unique composition and design makes it ideal for a variety of applications - from studios and classrooms to home gyms or day care facilities. 

It is world’s most innovative building system for the creation of interlocking blocks for floors, walls and ground protection. A single block is used as a floor, wall or ground layer and it was designed with absolute precision so that walls can be built easily.

Modular Flooring System with Superior Performance

We are re-defining the floor tiles industry with our three key attributes: solid appearance, flexibility, and high functionality. Ever Flooring gives users an upgrade to their flooring that otherwise would not have been possible with the old way of doing things.

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Ever Flooring for All Types of Uses

Ever Flooring Floors are versatile, interlocking portable floors for a multitude of events and venues that interconnect with adjacent tiles. Ideal for events, businesses and institutions that want an easy way to set up temporary floors without the need for heavy tools and nasty chemicals. Odourless, lasts up to two weeks.

We pride ourselves in bringing high quality, durable and cost efficient portable floors to our customers. Our interlocking design is easy to install and provides multiple applications for different purposes. Our tiles are portable, lightweight and easy to assemble into broad range of interlocking flooring solutions.

Ever Flooring comes in various types for different usages.


The EverRoad provides access over soft surfaces for vehicles and equipment and are designed to protect the sub-surface against damage.

EverBase 3 Drainage Top

The EverBase® 3 is an 18" x 24" modular flooring tile that serves as our heavier duty stadium, arena, and event flooring system for larger areas.


The EverDance is robust and durable and suitable for booth indoor and outdoor use. It is fully water proof and may be fully submerged.


The EverCover is designed to protect sensitive wood and poured urethane gym floor surfaces from damage during on-court events.