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The Future is here …. Ever Block India leads you to the next generation in construction and creativity 

….. Imagine in Seconds …… Visualize in minutes …. Install in hours…… To last long …… Very Long ….. 

Life Time……. Be a part of Ever Block Revolution

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Create amazing things with Ever Block

Imagine Anything….. Build Everything….. With Ever Blocks The Next Generation In Construction And Creativity …… Instant Architecture …. Modern Design…. Precision Crafting…… Eco Friendly …… Social Cause ……… & Now ……… The World Is Our Playground.

Ever Block
One of the largest brand which allows you to create nearly anything by stacking and organizing what u can possibly imagine.
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Ever Panel
The Instant and Portable, Easiest to install interlocking Wall Panels for all your permanent & temporary needs.
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Ever Block Flooring
The modular flooring can be used for variety of applications for all your needs ……. At home, work place, Garden, etc.
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EverBlock in India by Rapid Future Technology

Ever Block is a Life sized Modular Block system that facilitates you to create anything you can dream about. Every creativity will be made of several modules and each creativity will serve different purpose. 

Ever Block the Modular Block system is the new way of life in construction and creativity. The blocks are reusable and can be easily put together to construct your creativity. 

Ever Block the Modular block system is an amazing feature that allows us to create anything from furniture to houses. It is quick and easy to build by stacking the universal blocks in nearly any shape, pattern and size.

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"EverBlock Flooring" in India by Rapid Future Technology

Ever Block Flooring is a versatile, snap together flooring system can be used as a ground protective system for various applications both indoor and outdoor in wet and dry conditions. Ever Block Flooring is extremely durable, stable, water proof, easy to assemble and install. This is light weight and can be setup quickly. 

Ever Block Flooring can be patterned to our need with our own design. Ever Block flooring can be used as a ground protective systems for various applications in homes, offices, parks, gym, lawn, garden, garage, access matting, dance floor, indoor & outdoor game courts etc.

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"EverPanel" in India by Rapid Future Technology

Ever Panel, a light weight, self-supporting, an instant, easy to assemble and portable modular wall system can be used to create rooms, cubicles, partitions in schools, offices, events etc., It enables real time changes to the configuration of conventional walls and partitions. 

Ever Panel can be used both indoor as well as outdoor needs and can be used for permanent and / or temporary structures.

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